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In 2000, the Department of Justice found that State and Federal courts convicted almost 984,000 adults of felonies. The penalties for a felony conviction can significantly change your life, and the sooner you contact an attorney upon being threatened with a felony sex offense charge, the better chance you have of mounting a successful defense.

Indecent Exposure

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If you are facing criminal charges for inappropriate actions of a sexual nature in public, legal representation by an experienced lawyer can help keep a serious legal problem from destroying your family, career and your good name. The Stan Schneider and Ned Barnet team sex crimes defense team in Houston, Texas, is ready to make a difference in your future. Contact us today.

Not all lawyers know how to protect you.

Our criminal defense attorneys understands that a criminal charge involving indecent exposure or other form of public lewdness requires careful handling. Law enforcement officials typically work undercover in these types of sexual offense cases, and arrests can happen days after the illegal behavior took place.

Intense public pressure to crack down on sexual predators can mean when the police come knocking, so does trouble. Two convictions of indecent exposure in Texas can result in being labeled a sex offender. Our team goes to work quickly to help prevent an arrest and keep you out of jail. From detailed investigations to skillful cross-examination of alleged victims and witnesses, we know how get to the truth and protect you from false accusations.

We handle matters quickly and discreetly

If you suspect you may be charged with indecent exposure, the consequences of a criminal conviction are swift and severe in Texas. Penalties can range from costly fines and jail time, to potential sex offender registration when children are involved.

Protecting Your Reputation and Your Freedom

Whether you have been accused of a sex crime against a child or other sexual offenses, our team is ready to protect your rights and reputation.

If you face charges of indecent exposure or another type of lewd conduct, talk to an experienced Galveston public indecency lawyer on our Texas criminal defense team today by calling us at 713-229-2413.

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Stan Schneider, Ned Barnett and Troy McKinney are Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

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